The Dissipatria

The Night of Screams

The Night of Screams

Our tale begins with the Night of Screams, the vast assault on the Ward Walls of Ul-Solaria which began the final War Against the Lightless. During the attack, the party is detached from the Wall to track down an incursion by a strange form of Changed One (a Cyst). They track it through the Shattered Levels and into The Deeps. After fighting various creatures en route (deeplings, mutated spiders) they finally track the Cyst to an abandoned Dhakanni shrine where they interrupt a foul Calling Ceremony which is apparently designed to destroy Oldstone. They kill all of the Changed Ones there, but note that several members of the Darralis Family were participating and escaped. They return to the Wall and make their report to their commander.


WabidWabbit ashinner

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