The Dissipatria

The Trial

The party returns to Ul-Solaria where they stand accused of high treason, usurping legitimate authority, blasphemy, and consorting with Dark Powers. After a contentious trial, they are released but not without cost. Tobias’ entire family is murdered, and Lilian’s brother kidnapped (probably killed as well). The party continues their investigations and is ambushed by a new breed of Changed One that can walk around in broad daylight. They manage to capture several of these new monsters and track their creation to a series of Darralis soup kitchens. They disrupt this scheme by switching tainted ale barrels around, creating (and releasing) these Changed Ones before Eloine Darralis can arrive to control them. This leads directly to the riots and events of Conflagration Night.


WabidWabbit WabidWabbit

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