• Gaerna Dun Brannoc

    Gaerna Dun Brannoc

    Gaerna is a dwarf from the old times whom was driven from her home at a young age by the evil that she fights today. Her main goal is to help her family return to their precious home underground and rediscover her family's craft.
  • Larien ap Elen'sar ul Iris arc Manchado

    Larien ap Elen'sar ul Iris arc Manchado

    She is an Aelfin (elven) woman in her prime. Tall and dark haired with piercing blue eyes and sharp features.
  • Tobias Malrend

    Tobias Malrend

    A somewhat popular and very effective member of the Ward Watch who is increasingly disillusioned with his post. These days, Tobias seeks bloodshed with intrigue and longs to write songs and tales of his encounters.