Dhra'Tulkari ('Shard of Harmony')

An ancient bastard sword created for the Dirgesingers of long ago.

weapon (melee)

A bastard sword with a blade made of smokey grey glass, a hilt of blacksteel, and a handle inlaid with fine silver mesh inset directly into the metal. The pommel is a clear crystal with an intricate crack running through it. Only usable by bards.

*Bastard sword 2 Mistbane (2d6 dmg. to Changed Ones).

*Bards can use this weapon without special training as if they had the requisite Exotic Weapon feat as long as they can already use martial weapons (i.e. they have some levels as a fighter or equivalent class).

*1/day user can add CHR bonus to damage or AC (counts as divine bonus) or split the bonus between the two. Last as many rounds as the CHR bonus but must be used consecutively.

*Singing Blade: bard can charge the blade by singing to it for 10 minutes (DC10 performance check, can try 1/day). Once done, the blade stores the song until he releases it as a free action. This allows the song to take effect (lasts as many rounds as his CHR bonus) and it harmonizes with the bards current song (essentially allows stacking song effects).


This blade was made at the height of the rule of the Iron Emperors and was bequeathed to a series of famous Dirgesingers before ending up in Ul-Solaria during the Rising. It languished in the Vaults of the Wardwatch for centuries until it was finally given to Tobias in recognition for his service to the city during Conflagration Night.

Dhra'Tulkari ('Shard of Harmony')

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