Ghurik ('Vengeance')

A dwarven waraxe forged to regain the Clanholds.

weapon (melee)

A plain dwarven waraxe made of a steel-hard bronze-like metal with a spike blade of blacksteel. Glowing red, lava-like seams writhe endlessly across the blade. Only usable by a dwarf.

*Dwarven waraxe 2 Mistbane (2d6 dmg. to Changed Ones, +1d6 heat damage to others—does not stack with Changed Ones damage)

*User is immune to charm and domination spells.

*User can gain ‘True Seeing’ 1/day at users level as a free action.


This weapon was made by the famed dwarven weaponsmith Nettrin dun Vartanik soon after she was forced to flee her ancestral home by the Mists. After she and the survivors of her clan found refuge in Ul-Solaria, the ancient and embittered smith forged this axe and poured the malice and hatred the dwarves feel for the power that chased them from their homes into it. She died as she quenched the weapon for the final time, so the local clans whisper that her spirit is in it as well. It was held in trust for a hero that could return the dwarves to their homes.

Ghurik ('Vengeance')

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