Gloves of Elen'Sar

Gloves of Crafting


Allows the wielder to craft magical devices without the requirement of a workshop. A magical artifact from the second age. These gloves are essentially priceless. Additional powers:
*Craft magical device +1
*Blur 1/day at users level.



The gloves of Elen’sar are a family heirloom, passed down through the generations since the height of the second age. They shine the color of burnished gold with tracery of bronze and platinum and are chased with other precious metals no longer available to man. They are an example of superb craftsmanship. Each artful detail serves a purpose; although these are, for the moment, unknown to Larien. The joints are so finely articulated that one can manipulate their fingers while wearing them with the same freedom and sensitivity as though the hands were bare. The fingertips contain a variety of tools needed to shape, cut, solder and polish metal, stone, gems, or any such material with ease and precision. These gauntlets contain all of the essential tools available in a well outfitted workshop.

Gloves of Elen'Sar

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