Mystael ('Sleeping Maiden')

Magical Aelfin dagger

weapon (melee)

Mystael is a +1 dagger which counts as being made of alchemical silver and cold iron for the purposes of damage reduction. It is also poisoned (1/day—first hit with it—DC14 Fort. save or stunned for 1 round; affects all humanoids). Looks like a slim dagger with a silvery glass blade and a gold inlaid hit carved to resemble a sleeping Aelfin maiden (her hair makes the crossguard). A clear, salty liquid seeps slowly from the blade.

Strongly resembles a so-called ‘honor blade’ which Aelfin maidens traditionally kept to ensure their honor stayed intact if they were captured by the enemy (this tradition was reinforced during the First War).


Mystael ('Sleeping Maiden')

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