Songbook of Vaal V’kralk

The well-worn songbook of the famed Dirgesinger Vall V'kralk


This worn, leather bound book fits easily in a pocket and contains a lifetimes worth of musing, song snippets, and knowledge from the famed hobgoblin Dirgesinger Vaal V’kralk. The pages are made of a frayed parchment that easily resists water and fire (the book cannot be damaged by normal fire or water).

*Allows Tobias to access Bardic powers not listed in the normal Pathfinder rulebook.


Vraal was the last of the Dirgesingers and spent a long lifetime fighting her way through the various petty kingdoms which arise prior to the Rising of the Mists. She was by all accounts an ancient hobgoblin when the Mists rose but yet she managed to lead her clan to the safety of Ul-Solaria before dying in one last, glorious battle against a horde of Changed Ones. This book is one of several relics her ancestors cherish.

Songbook of Vaal V’kralk

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