Sul-Danae Visinilith ('Renunciation of Heretics')

A heavy mace made for Aelfin clerics during the Regnum.

weapon (melee)

This heavy mace is made entirely of a pale golden glassy substance that is harder than steel. Grip is made of a silver mesh embedded directly into the glass and the head is a smooth silver oval that seamlessly joins with the rest of the mace. The entire weapon is smooth, gracefully curved and very deadly. Can be used only by clerics.

*Heavy mace 2 Coldfire (1d6 damage which counts as both heat and cold effect)

*User gains ‘Smite’ ability as a paladin of her level (1 target which lasts until it is dead, CHR bonus to attack roles, +level to dmg., 2 pts./lvl. if the target is undead or a Changed One, also gains CHR bonus deflection bonus vs. target). In addition to normal usage restrictions, takes one ‘Turn Undead’ use to charge (can be done as a free action).

*’Light’ as many times per day as CHR bonus

*’Daylight’ at users level 1/day.


This weapon was made during the height of the Aelfini Regnum for the Sun Priests of Cor-Votai.

Sul-Danae Visinilith ('Renunciation of Heretics')

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