The Outsider's Grasp

An odd rod made by the Sigilites.


A strange rod about the length of a human forearm seemingly made of a dull black, bone-like material entirely carved with silvery runes of containment and warding. Looks like a strangely insectile tentacle covered with barbed and hooked spikes that has somehow been fossilized. Haft is oddly soft and pliable and seems strangely warm, almost as if it is still alive. Can only be used by an arcane spellcaster.

*’Arcane Mark’ on everything at will, even things that normally couldn’t be marked (a Wall of Fire or Force for example). This mark can also be made visible or invisible at will.

*Unlimited charge Wand of Magic Missiles (5th level). The missiles look like oddly spiked blackish-grey blobs of tentacled bile.

*’Shield’ spell 1/day at users level.


This is the result of a strange Sigilite experiment in teleportation which went horribly awry. A gate to…elsewhere…opened and something tried to come through. When the failsafes activated (all the experimenters were either insane or dead by this point) and sealed the Gate, this was severed. The Sigilites spent generations warding it and a dire prophecy that only the ‘Mist Chyld’ could safely use it kept it safely sealed away until the prophecy was fulfilled.

The Outsider's Grasp

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