Wallrunner's Cap

Headband created by and for the Wallrunners in Ul-Solaria.


A plain brown leather headband spiked with blacksteel rivets. On the forehead is a bronze centerpiece inscribed with a stylized eye. Only usable by a monk.


This was made by a nameless monk at the beginning of the Rising of the Mists and has been passed down through the centuries to various other nameless Wallrunners as needed.

*120’ darkvision

*’Blur’ spell at users level 1/day

*’Spiderclimb’ at will

*Mistbane strike: Can use a special attack power (stunning fist, flurry of blows, etc.) to charge an attack with the Mistbane quality (+2d6 dmg. to Changed Ones) for 1 round. This is only 1 attack, so it does not stack with ‘Flurry of Blows’ and only counts on the first hit if the monk gets multiple attacks per round. Done as a free action.

Wallrunner's Cap

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