Aston lies a day’s hard ride from the protective walls of Ul-Solaria. It has it’s own wards and is most important for the Inner Sanctum Tower at it’s center that is part of the Whisperstone Network. The town is built on Aelfin ruins and lies on a bedrock of Oldstone which afforded the town the rare defensive benefit of being in a place where the ground is impervious to the Mists and does not have to be warded. Thus, it’s 15 foot tall wall of wood and stone was all that was necessary to protect the town.

In addition to the Inner Sanctum Tower, Aston had a lively inn, a blacksmith shop, a general store, a masonry, and numerous townhomes. The surrounding land was well tended farmland that supported the town with sufficient livestock and produce to sell in the city of Ul-Solaria.

It was once under the rule of Sire Laird, until The Siege of Aston, when he showed his true cowardice. If not for the heroic efforts of Goodmun Hoyt and Mother Zek, the town and it’s tower would have quickly fallen to a massive attack of Changed Ones. The town is currently in ruins but quickly being rebuilt under the auspices of the Ward Watch.

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