Darralis Family

A very old member of the Ten Families whose origins date back to the founding of the city. Very rich due to their mineral and metal/stoneworking holdings as well as their numerous plantations and interests beyond the walls of Ul-Solaria (including banking and finance). The Darralis Family is very much ascendant at the moment, with a strong alliance of minions and erstwhile allies and hanger-ons dominating almost every political arena in the city. Their position of power is almost unprecedented in the history of Ul-Solaria, and many folk are beginning to express unease in the amount of influence they have over the governance of the city.

Regardless, they have done nothing to abuse this power and so there is little to recommend overt action against them. They are currently led by Domon Darralis, an elderly human male who is obviously in ill health and barely able to attend High Council of Ul-Solaria meetings. Most of the speaking in Council and family matters in general are now handled by his daughter Marrissa and her brother Stephan. Their colors are gold, crimson and silver and their sign is a gold crown on a crimson-and-silver background.

Other members of the Darralis Family include:

Domon Darralis (Patriarch)
Eloine Darralis (Deceased)
Marrissa Darralis
Myrna Darralis (Deceased)
Stephan Darralis
Taggis Darralis (Deceased)

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Darralis Family

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