*Aquaerr: One of the Redoubt Cities. Located on the coast.

*Aston: Village outside the walls of Ul-Solaria.

*Bretonnis: A Redoubt City primarily inhabited by humans and halflings. Built into the sides of a massive cliff.

*Central Tower: Central fort in Ul-Solaria.

*The Deeps: The oldest and lowest ruins in Ul-Solaria.

*Erkengrad: Redoubt City most associated with the pre-Rising citystates.

*Fort Halfwatch: One of the forts along the wall encircling Ul-Solaria.

*Great Western Ocean: This vast body of salt water borders the western shores. At one time many convoys of ocean-going merchantmen would periodically set out to ports overseas, but now only coastrunners from Aquaerr ply its waters.

*Myrk: The most centrally located of the Redoubt Cities, and an important hub in the Waystation Network. Also the least fortified of the Cities, as it is protected by nature-based magical energies in the area.

*Polar Maelstroms: The great northern sea of Umbraelis is almost constantly storm-wracked and nearly impassible to sea travel except for a few weeks in the (relatively) calm summer. Other than the vicious storms and ice, there were rumored to be great serpents and kraken which haunted the relatively shallow waters closer to shore, although none have been seen since the Rising.

*Rektmark: The only one of the Ten Cities built entirely underground in what is apparently a giant geode. Primary source of metals and ores and controlled by the remaining dwarven mining clans.

*Redoubt Cities: Also known as the Ten Cities (including the Lost City), these are the major centers of civilization that survived the Rising of the Mists.

*Sunlit Sea: Once used heavily by the pre-Rising civilizations as a trade route to points overseas, this relatively calm body of water has seen no traffic since the Mists came. What creatures inhabit it and what perils it conceals under its slowly roiling waves are currently unknown.

*Syonnis: The smallest of the Ten Cities, constructed on a floating ‘cloud’ of white marble high in the Ulspine Mountains.

*The High Court: The legislative seat of the High Council of Ul-Solaria.

*Tol-Edanis-norael: The so-called Hidden City of the Aelfin which was only revealed during the Rising. The seat of Aelfin power in the world.

*Vrall-Mkaniv: This is the last seat of power of the ancient Dkaani Empire, and one of the remaining Redoubt Cities.

*Vulkonis: Formerly the second largest of the Redoubt Cities, but now simply referred to as the Lost City since contact was severed over a century ago.


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