*Aelfini Regnum: The name of the Aelfin citystates which arose after the First Ones disappeared.

*Arisen: Changed Ones which have been created by the possession of corpses by the Mists.

*Calling Ceremony: A vile ceremony in which the Changed Ones use living sacrifices and unhallowed rituals to destroy and undermine Oldstone.

*Changed One: A foul entity created when the Mists possess a living (or dead in some cases) host.

*Clanfort: The name given the subterranean dwarven fortress-towns in the 4th Age.

*Cyst: A strange biological entity about the size of a human heart (which it roughly resembles) created by the Mists using unknown arcane technologies.

*Deep Scouts: Members of the Ward Watch who operate beyond the walls of Ul-Solaria.

*Encysted: A Changed One created when a Cyst is implanted in a living host.

*The First Ones: The mythic race of beings who created many of the races currently inhabiting Umbraelis as well as several ruins which remain today.

*Mists: The foul power which arose from the depths of the earth to devour the living and almost destroyed civilization at the end of the Fourth Age.

*Oldstone: Term given to the fused-stone constructions of the First Ones.

*Redoubt Cities: Also known as the Ten Cities.

*Skycoach: A popular mode of transportation among the nobility of Umbrealis. It is an intricately carved coach made from silvery soarwood and can usually carry 4-8 passengers along with a coachman and two guards.

*Uldencraft: An ancient alchemical method of hardening stone known only to the dwarven Clan Brannoc.

*Whisperstone Network: A linked network of stones enchanted with permanent versions of the spell Whispering Wind.


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