*Assembly of Merchants: Organization in Ul-Solaria that represents the various commercial interests in the city.

*Brewmasters Association: One of the largest trade guilds in Ul-Solaria.

*Central Tower: The name given the political faction of the Ward Watch.

*City Guard: The military formation tasked with maintaining order within the Ward Walls of Ul-Solaria.

*Forgelords: Tightly knit guild devoted to the creation of and regulating of magical items.

*Grimsun’s Fraturnity: A shadowy organization of thieves, assassins and smugglers headquartered somewhere in the lower reaches of Ul-Solaria.

*High Council of Ul-Solaria: The ruling body of the city.

*Sigilite Guild: The secretive order of magi and Ward Masters who are responsible for maintaining the mystical defenses of Ul-Solaria against the Great Devouring.

*Temples Incanum: This is a largely ceremonial council made of of representatives from all of the major faiths in Ul-Solaria.

*Ten Families: The ruling elite of Ul-Solaria.

*Tower Captains: Loose alliance/political bloc in Ul-Solaria made up of all the Watch Commanders of the various towers on the Wall.

*Ward Watch: The military organization charged with manning the Ward Walls of Ul-Solaria against incursions by Changed Ones.

*Whisperstone Guard: Highly trained soldiers tasked with guarding the Whisperstone Towers.


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