Sire Laird

A muscular, handsome human male with gold hair and blue eyes who was the Lord of Aston until he was deemed unfit to lead by Lieutenant Thyvvers and the player character Larien during The Night of Screams.

He always appeared in gold-chased full plate inlaid with silver and wielded a jeweled 2-handed great hammer carved with silver-inlaid runes of great power (supposedly) that only he could lift. Unfortunately, although Sire Laird cut an impressive figure he turned out to be a inveterate coward who abandoned his underlings and fled to the Inner Sanctum Tower as soon as the town was attacked.

An appointee of the Darralis Family, he was known to enjoy the benefits of leading more than the actuality of it. He was often seen parading about Aston with a full entourage of Whisperstone Guards, a grievous breach of protocol.

A witness at The Trial of the Companions, Sire Laird proved to be as poor a mouthpiece for the Darralis Family as he was a leader.

He was last encountered (and slain) by the Companions when the Darralis Family attempted to raid the Humachti Abbey during Conflagration Night. He had been implanted with a Cyst and finally found his courage, although at the cost of his soul and life.

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Sire Laird

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