Vikcanthis Family

The Vikcanthis Family is the oldest in Ul-Solaria and was, indeed, primarily responsible for its founding. They are one of the Ten Families and their patron Viktor Vikcanthis holds a seat on the High Council of Ul-Solaria. The humans from this venerable line have waxed and waned in power over the long centuries but they have always been influential and their wealth vast enough to ensure that even generations of misrule wouldn’t bankrupt them.

The family has a reputation for strangeness and insularity that severely limits their popularity amongst the rest of the city. Rumors of various unhealthy practices and dark rites that take place in Vikcanholm are widespread but facts are scarce and the Vikcanthis never deign to answer queries from their lessers. Regardless, their stranglehold on the production of various magical items and strong generation bonds with the Forgelords of Ul-Solaria ensures they remain as rich as ever. Viktor in general votes with the Darralis Family but has on occasion opposed them when it was in his interests to do so. If there is any alliance between these two ancient families it is unofficial and only as long as there is mutual benefit in it. Their colors are dark purple, black and gray and their coat-of-arms is a black raven on a dark gray background.

The party recently discovered that this entire family was composed of an unknown number dopplegangers whose ancestors also served as servants of the First Ones when they built the city. The ‘Parliament of Faces’, as they call themselves, agreed to help the party find information on who was behind the recent attacks on Ul-Solaria but during the course of their investigations they were discovered and apparently Tainted by the Mists. Before succumbing they were able to give the party vital information that the Darralis Family was indeed behind the recent attacks. Although the Family appears to operating as normal, it is unknown if it is Tainted or now being run by ‘normal’ humans (or perhaps still the dopplegangers).

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Vikcanthis Family

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