The Dissipatria

Knives of Mist

The party, worried that their mysterious foe has gone to ground, begin to investigate various leads around the city hoping to identify whomever (or whatever) was behind the assault. They are contacted by strange allies during this search (a secretive race of shapeshifters who are apparently the remnants of a Servant Race of the First Ones) and also assaulted by several elite assassin bands obviously hired by their mysterious foe. After much investigation, they determine that these events all started decades ago when Domon Darralis visited what is obviously a Unity ruin. The party leaves to investigate and is attacked by Mist-touched wolves enroute and subject to a near fatal trap in their Warded sanctuary that first night. They survive to reach the ruin and, upon investigation, determine that is a combination prison, library and museum for the First Ones (and that the Darralis-funded archeology expedition is now a reduced to some red smears on the floor). Unfortunately they also manage to awaken the Librarian which leads to a stiff fight before It’s defeat. The fate of the first expedition is now clear. Having some new leads, the group heads back to Ul-Solaria to re-group.


WabidWabbit WabidWabbit

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