The Dissipatria

Riots in the Dark

Once the riots begin, the Companions must convince the High Council to allow the Ward Watch into the city to help restore order (which they succeed in doing). Eloine takes the opportunity caused by the rioting to attempt to eliminate the prisoners the Companions have captured, thereby removing all proof that Changed Ones that can move about in broad daylight exist but the party manages to stop her. In the process they kill Sir Laird who has been changed into a Changed One abomination. Then they hear reports that the Ward Watch’s Central Tower hasn’t communicated with anyone since the rioting began, so they are tasked to see what’s going on. What they found was a massacre. Changed Ones (most likely the daylight-resistant variety) had apparently taken the entire citadel by stealth the previous night and killed the entire garrison and staff; they were using the lowest levels to enact a massive Calling Ceremony to undermine the city Ward Walls. The party counterattacked, killing several abominations (including a hideously altered Montaug—the now half spider/half man creature the Mists resurrected to guard the front door of the tower) and managed to halt the ceremony before it succeeded. They also managed to capture Eloine and take her to the High Council for questioning and trial (ironically for the very things they had initially been charged with).


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