The Dissipatria

The Siege of Aston

Party is sent on a suicide mission (probably by the Darralis Family) to scout the town of Aston which hasn’t been heard of since The Night of Screams. Since they are rushed, they have to go cross country which means they are not protected from the Mists. Luckily, their connections to the Deep Scouts Maggis and Scales give them a map to secret Warded sanctuaries and they survive to reach the town. Aston, unfortunately, is in ruins and the dwindling band of survivors are desperately battling hordes of Arisen each night while the town commander Sire Laird hides in the Inner Sanctum Tower and refuses to offer them shelter or help them fight. The party convinces Lieutenant Thyvvers to allow them entrance to the tower where they arrest Sire Laird, and take over the defense. After a desperate battle against the seemingly endless hordes of Arisen, they get the survivors safely in to the Tower and hold out until the Ward Watch sends a relief column. When it arrives, they are ordered back to Ul-Solaria to stand trial for their actions during The Night of Screams.


WabidWabbit ashinner

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