Tobias Malrend

A somewhat popular and very effective member of the Ward Watch who is increasingly disillusioned with his post. These days, Tobias seeks bloodshed with intrigue and longs to write songs and tales of his encounters.


General Description:

(CHA: 16)
Tobias can almost exclusively be found wearing his scuffed and worn grey-hooded cloak over an intricate patchwork of mended, bloodstained clothes, cinched tight with a broad leather belt. Seldom one can see a small glint of a warm silverish mesh beneath the newer tears in his shirt. A large sword with an intricate handle clearly juts out below the pack strapped to his back. On the left side of this pack, a longbow sits fastened up side down by a confusing array of straps and knots. On the right side, a secured mandolin sits, showing a few holes in the soundboard here and there.

He is uniquely attractive, with disheveled, shoulder-length grey and black hair, deep set brown eyes, and a wide mustache and goatee. Although his face seems somewhat scarred and weathered, Tobias almost always wears a comfortable, kind countenance, as if he either knows something no one else knows or spends most of his time dwelling among his thoughts. Upon anything other than a quick glance, one would notice that Tobias appears very athletic and agile. One who certainly has spent some regular time outside the Warding Walls. But of all of his accoutrements, the most overt is the small pipe he constantly carries in his mouth. Among those who know him or see him regularly, there are three times one would find Tobias without his pipe; in battle, eating, or drinking from his flask of brandy.


Tobias was the 5th and final child of the academically renown Malrend family. The family has well established roots in the city of Ul-Solaria and consists of a long line of alchemists, spell weavers, historians, and archivists within the Great Library at Morgrave University. Before their passing, Tobias’ father and mother (Garren and Reanne) were esteemed alchemists at the university and, although not aristocracy themselves, were well-connected amongst such circles. Tobias has two older sisters (Reisa and Harreliea) and two older brothers (Nathel, and Ingram).

As Tobias reached his early teens, it was apparent he was not to be like the rest of his family. Almost all of the Malrends were physically meek, socially awkward, and frowned upon any activity that did not involve the focused study of power and magic. In fact, it was rare to see a Malrend outside the University, and if one did, it was certainly for a sliver of time. But Tobias seemed to posses the opposite traits. He was healthy and athletic, longing to perfect feats of motion and dexterity instead of spending all day buried in dusty parchments. (DEX: 17, Acrobatics: 8, Stealth: 7, Slight of Hand: 7). In his youth, Tobias was also extroverted and was particularly skilled in the art of conversation. (CHA: 16, Bluff: 8, Diplomacy: 7, Intimidate: 7) This was unacceptable to his parents and his siblings, except for Ingram. Ingram was very much cut from the same stone as the rest of the Malrends, but deeply wished he could be more like his little brother. But the rest of Tobias’ family assumed that he possessed a severely deficient intellect and lack of judgement. Tobias was certainly not as intelligent or wise as his parents or siblings, but he was certainly no idiot (INT: 14, WIS: 12). In fact, Tobias learned a great many things from his conversations with the more outgoing professors at the University (History: 7, Local: 8).

Before Tobias turned 15 he was given a choice from his parents: Begin regimented study at the university and forgo all other “distractions” or be disowned from the Malrend family and thrown out into Ul-Solaris proper to fend for himself. This was the happiest day of his life. So off into the streets he went.

At first, Tobias began working here and there as a hired sword to guard lesser merchants in less respectable parts of town. He quickly learned how to wield swords and bows and how to maneuver an advantage in combat (Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Weapon Focus (Bastard Sword), Dodge, Combat Expertise, Two Weapon Fighting) As he aged, he gained a name for himself not only for his fighting ability but also for his leadership qualities. Tobias was always game for song, drink and women. His contemporaries would often seek his company, for Tobias was always willing to listen to a yarn.

Over the years Tobias spent his days improving his skills and comfortably sitting in taverns with other mercenaries and swords for hire. Occasionally his family name would come up in conversation, and Tobias never professed to be proud or ashamed of the connection. Only that his family was very skilled at their work and he felt sorry for them. But in his early thirties, Tobias received a request from his brother Ingram to meet up again. Ingram occasionally tended to different merchants of arcane goods throughout the city and was still very much steeped in “being a Malrend” to a bit of his own disliking. So when Tobias and Ingram met again, it was clear that Ingram was eager to live vicariously through him. They would meet occasionally and Ingram would catch Tobias up on what was happening in the family. Tobias would fein interest, and tell his own tales, much to Ingram’s pleasure. And so it remains to this day.

In his early thirties, Tobias had gained enough notoriety that he was approached by the Ward Watch to be enlisted as a skirmisher, to lead small, mobile groups among the way stations and warding walls, quickly responding to sudden attacks by the Changed Ones and other horrors. All of his friends and contemporaries begged him not to take the position; that it was madness and suicide. But this was too great of an opportunity to see beyond the city and to test his mettle. Tobias calmly and quickly accepted the offer. And so it has been for the last seven years. The horrors which Tobias has seen have been terrible and many. Many of his companions have vanished, only to reappear as horrible abberations that he occasionally has to kill. If it weren’t for his uncanny disposition and ability to stay in the present moment above all else, Tobias would have certainly gone mad by now. But some say that he is mad. That his calm countenance and seeming contentment must be the mark of someone who has truly suffered an incurable battle fatigue. That he seems to be disconnected from the reality of the situation.

Over the years of fighting for the Watch, Tobias has grown weary, not of the death, but of the monotony. He is very popular among the soldiers he fights with, as he has taken to writing stories of their heroism and performing songs of the battles endured. In fact, morale tends to be very high among his Watchmen, as they know that they fight for history and glory when they fight with Tobias (Inspire Courage +1). But as popular as he is with his fellow warriors, he is quite the thorn in the side of his commanding officers. He has been effective, but they view him as erratic and unstable. Many of his commanders feel like he is one step away from snapping or doing something incredibly foolish for the sake of “glory”. They can also see that his heart is not in the objectives of the Watch anymore, as much as it is in the story of the battle itself. And they would be correct.

In his late thirties now, Tobias has a strong urge to seek out adventure. To go beyond the closer bounds of Ul-Solaria, or perhaps even further within the city itself to find his stories and legends and to share them. Over the years, Ingram has occassionally clandestinely provided Tobias with weapons and armor procured from his status and position (MW Bastard Sword, MW Longbow, MW Shortsword, and Mithril Shirt). But now Ingram has ever so slowly begun to train Tobias in the ways of magic. Although he is still bound to his position on the Watch, Tobias has plans to seek a life like Ul-Solaria’s bards of legend. To seek adventure and to record it for the ages.

Tobias Malrend

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